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Almaty Botanical Garden​




Almaty, Kazakhstan



In the past, Almaty was one of the cities located along the Silk Road, a commercial route that linked two different worlds: the west and the east, Asia and Europe. Nowadays, we can magine the route as a long trip across different cultures and landscapes.

The new proposed garden could be understood as a metaphor of the Silk Road or as a piece of land, which represents Europe and Asia. Here in the garden it will be possible to find a network of paths that reminds the roads of the original Route, and it is possible to visit all these types of forest that a merchant could find during the journey. Offering to the visitor the possibility of having a similar experience.


The new garden brings the opportunity to connect two important urban axis: the Timiryazev Street, located on the North part of the plot, and the Al-Farabi Avenue, located on the South and expecting a renewed look as a boulevard.

To do that, it is necessary to open a new entrance on the South. Then, taking into account the existing paths of the garden, it is possible to draw a line that will connect the old Timiryazev entrance (now recovered), and the new Al-Farabi entrance. We have given to this path the name of “linking line”.

Through the formation of the base with entrance floors and three base floors, the base with its receding facades takes up the scale of the surrounding buildings, retreats in favor of the public space, becomes part of it and thus offers a generous entrance to the building. It provides shade and rain protection at the same time, offers space for the development of a functional but at the same time elegant environment with entrance area, reception, waiting areas, shops, bicycle station, restaurant, fitness.