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Museum Gherdëina

Typology Location Year The set of strategies employed in the design make the project a building that, in addition to serving as an identifying element for Ladino culture, embodies the principles of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. In fact, the project is based on three founding concepts: the use of traditional and low-impact materials, the […]

Virrey Tower


Typology Location Year Interior is defined through layers of light and shadow, creating a depth within a material. ← Back To All Contact Us

Bubny Mall


Architecture should respond to its social context, yet, strive for timelessness.

FCB Stadium


The new architecture of the stadium must contain an integrated urban idea for the city.The FCB stadium is located in a major area of the city characterized by morphologically by successive arbitrary insertions throughout the last century, and large public and private facilities.

La Grand Motte


La Grande Motte is above all a green city.

The dune belts present on Couchant and Levant beaches are characteristic of the local and Mediterranean landscape.

Premium Casino


The strategic placement on this site therefore becomes an opportunity to regain prominence. This new centrality, “stretching” the influence of the Carlemany axis towards Andorra la Vella, will create a new pole of commercial attraction towards this recently less favored area.

Triple Bay Marina Yatch Club

The long waterfront, surrounding the Triple Bay Yacht Club, will be the welcoming visage for all the visitors arriving by sea. Protected from open seas, it is the perfect location for a long walking avenue and public leisure areas. The promenade, inspired by some of the best sea fronts from all around the world, will provide a new and varied experience at every turn.

Puerta Las Condes


The built environment speaks to us of preexisting factors when we address urban space. The buildings and built volumes of the Apoquindo/Alonso de Córdova axis are of vital importance for the project to assume the status of completing the extant.

Almaty Botanical Garden​


In the past, Almaty was one of the cities located along the Silk Road, a commercial route that linked two different worlds: the west and the east, Asia and Europe. Nowadays, we can magine the route as a long trip across different cultures and landscapes.

Donaumarina Tower


The application of the classical architectural order is simple and effective at the same time, it is contemporary and forever modern.