An OAB Company

Office Cluster

Typology Location Year The brief consists of the development of Cluster Offices. The plot is located in an open space adyacent to the Orian Hotel with a total land area of 11,300 sqm. Through a grid of 7.5 m x 7.5 m and the strategy of full and empty spaces, four independent buildings are generated, […]

EMH Headquarters in Villeurbanne

Typology Location Year Between a natural environment, close to the metropolitan park and the Jonage canal, and its social roots linked to work and industry, Villeurbanne has drawn the Carré de la Soie, a neighborhood linked to the suburban fabric of the almond designed by the urban planner Bruno Dumetier. One of the last urban […]

Puerta Las Condes


The built environment speaks to us of preexisting factors when we address urban space. The buildings and built volumes of the Apoquindo/Alonso de Córdova axis are of vital importance for the project to assume the status of completing the extant.

Donaumarina Tower


The application of the classical architectural order is simple and effective at the same time, it is contemporary and forever modern.