An OAB Company

Tangram House



Beverly Hills, USA



It is not hard to see that the way the urban settlement works in the area is by enhancing the characteristics of the mountain locating the luxurious single-family houses at the edges of the different ridges. It seems obvious to adopt this strategy so that houses have privileged views and sun light throughout the day.

In our particular case the house works quite well specially on the East side, however there is a higher ridge than ours on the west side making a slightly harmful condition on that side since both we don’t have then as good views to the west and also we need to preserve the intimacy and avoid being seen from above. The house starts by taking this premise into consideration and so the first decision is to locate the service areas on the less privileged part of the house, the West side.

We envision the entrance space as a formidable access to the high-standing house designed. When approaching to the house through the ramp coming from Angelo Road magnificent views of the city will start appearing in one’s vision. At the same time the pure geometry of the house will be slowly showing up and defining the entrance plaza. A plaza carefully designed as a remarkable space made of stone and dominated by a splendid noble tree.

TANGRAM is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes called tans. Putting them together the objective is, given an outline or silhouette, to create a specific shape using all seven pieces that will not overlap.

The relation between the game and our project has become casual but highly significant. Our aim to simplify the project highlighting its most important aspects leaded us to relate the project with this brilliant, yet simple, puzzle game that allows one to represent multiple shapes from the very starting point.