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Skocidjevojka Resort​



Skocidjevojka, Montenegro



The project consists of the implementation of two residential projects on nearby plots, located on the sides of the mountain in the province of Budva.

The intervention strategy is based on organic shapes to generate the main volumes that host the program, composed by a complex of isolated single family Vilas and a mixed building on each plot, with hotel and multi-family housing.

The curved shapes manage to adapt to the orography and, at the same time, are arranged in a way to open the visuals towards the natural landscape of the Adriatic Sea.

The masterplan includes also the layout of new communication paths that connect the residential complex with the different outdoor spaces, such as swimming pools, gardens, fitness & spa, among others.


The common areas are arranged in terraces at different levels adapting to the existing topography. This strategy allows to have a hierarchy of outdoor spaces while solving the various accesses.

The vegetation is native to the region, thus preserving the nature of the place.The façade tries to enter into dialogue with the landscape, blurring the limits between built and unbuilt.

The Villas
The two types of single-family house have ground floor and first floor, with all rooms facing the Adriatic Sea. The Vilas are composed of three bedrooms with private bathroom, kitchen, dining room and living room, plus a covered dining room and an outdoor chill-out space, next to the swimming pool.