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The strategic placement on this site therefore becomes an opportunity to regain prominence. This new centrality, “stretching” the influence of the Carlemany axis towards Andorra la Vella, will create a new pole of commercial attraction towards this recently less favored area.

The project confers a great importance on the south façade. Far from considering it the “back” of the building, a “chamfering” is produced to direct the gaze towards the finest views and the light which creates a response to the entrances from the parking area. The gesture the building makes has repercussions in its internal organization in fleeing from merely formal architectures. A terrace is created on a level with the multifunctional hall and an outside space on the “sky bar” level, high-quality spaces for the city with both of them orientated towards the sunshine and the finest views. In this way one obtains a spectacular urban balcony, a vantage point over both city and valley.

The abstraction, movement and a sort of softness in the gestures of its shape constitute a proposal that is respectful towards its surroundings and that also reminds us of the abstraction of the rocks and mountains which, omnipresent, exemplify the nearby and far-off vision of the site. This, then, is a fluid architecture without sharp edges which is integrated in the city, announcing a new amenity and at the same time an urban threshold of the first order. The volumetric strategy of the project is tantamount to a kind of “defoliation” that frees up space on the ground floor but progressively broadens out on the upper floors to meet up with the party wall, thus rounding off the continuous façade alignment on the street.

Here, the luxury is the light, the space and the perception of stylized elegance. Thus, and as far as contemporaneity is concerned, we have come up with a subtle façade that is suggestive rather than obvious, yet at the same time iconic and certainly innovative.

A new concept is also introduced towards perceptions of the world of gambling. Up until now casinos and gaming halls have been concealed spaces, hidden from view and lacking in natural light. Here, a radical change is posited that enables the culture of gambling to be dignified and improved. For the first time the areas equipped with gaming tables and slot machines will enjoy natural light.