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Pearl Ecological Island​


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Hainan, China



The South Sea Pearl Eco Island does not start as a “tabula rasa”. We find an artificial island with a defined circular shape, half water, half land, and a strong iconic image that should not be ignored. This is a new island in an ancient country, with rich cultural and historical traditions, that will help to guide our lines and focus our vision as we imagine its future. Our location enjoys warm tropical weather, and is an attractive touristic destination where you can enjoy life with the ones you love.

Our first impression of the project was the image of balance. The water and the land complemented each other, creating the island; water contained by land and land contained by water. Immediately other opposites came to mind in relation to the project: business and leisure, east and west, winter and summer, day and night, yin and yang…
All of them opposites, all of them in need of each other, all of them complimentary to each other, but together forming a cohesive whole.


The South East Pearl Eco Island will become a new and sustainable proposal of urban design. This is not just accomplished by using sustainable energy sources or architectural thermic solutions, but also by presenting comprehensive and efficient urban planning.

This ensures the utilization of alternative modes of transportation, improves the quality of life of the inhabitants, and sets a positive example to prove that a new kind of city is possible; a city without the need for impractical futuristic utopias or extreme economic investments.


At the Promenade we create a cheerful space in front of the sea. Colorful urban design and protection from the sun using a combination of architectural elements and natural Landscape.

The inside of the Eco Towers will become a sanctuary for different species, each of them, representing one of the principles of life. Located around the island, will become a touristic atraction, invition visitors and tourists to walk the whole island and stop in each tower to enjoy, learn and apareciate the biodiverstity that Hainan has to offer.