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Organic Farm & Farm Residences


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Communities in constant dialogue with their surroundings. A Cluster Strategy that allows adaptability and flexibility. Blending Architectural Features into the magnificent Farm. Diversity and variety of dimensions, 3 different villas are proposed.

A gastronomic journey where excellence meets passion and nature. Organic Farm will offer unique culinary experiences with a Fresh Organic Produce Market. From Workshops and Programs dedicated to detox and natural eating, to Tasting Events, Food Festivals or Orchid and Farm Tours, this outstanding setting will redefine luxury through quality and sustainability.

Differentiated Offering for guests, to enjoy a social time with friends, family or colleagues, or to dive into an intimate relaxing experience towards selfconsciousness.


Handcrafted nature with a Flexible Network.

The project organizes both nature and architecture through a dynamic linear system, capable of adapting its rhythm to a variety of scales. A subtle human trace through the land.

An inhabited vegetable garden is created to help the visitor reconnect with the senses and reach self-growth and wellness in direct contact with nature. A new union between architecture and the earth.


The cluster strategy consists on a modular system that allows maximum flexibility.
The vault is a contemporary strong image inspired on tradition.