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Milesimé by Hermanos Torres







Milesimé is a project that comes to life after the success of the Cocina Hermanos Torres restaurant. It is born with the aim of adding a new experience to the world of cuisine, infusing it with a unique space to enjoy a good cigar.

The space is adjacent to the restaurant and has access from the same street. It involves a comprehensive renovation of a 30 m2 space transformed into a smoking club.

Spatially, the goal is to create the illusion of being inside a cigar box. This is why wood, covering the entire premises, plays a leading role in achieving a pleasant, warm, and welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, light, mirrors, and black serve as a background tapestry, creating a distinctive ambiance.

An open space is configured with two central tables and armchairs around them. The cellar is used to create a surround of light boxes displaying characteristic photographs of individuals enjoying smoking. Custom-made tables are covered in wood and have a backlit black-painted glass surface. The armchairs are made of brown leather.

The black ceiling allows us to illuminate specific areas through strategically placed lights. The tables and mirrors produce reflections, creating a magical atmosphere reminiscent of the restaurant.

The entrance door is a replica of the one in Cocina. However, the facade, made of black metal sheet, evokes a bucolic and mysterious entrance typical of a speakeasy establishment. A closed-door bar, exclusive and accessible only to a select few.

For the Torres Brothers, the entrance is never restrictive or discriminatory but rather a game where one needs to have the key.