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La Grand Motte


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La Grande Motte is above all a green city. The dune belts present on Couchant and Levant beaches are characteristic of the local and Mediterranean landscape.

The function of these two segments alone represents the greatest challenge of the project. As evidence, the dune cordon must extend into the city in contact with its inhabitants. The quays, the promenade and the car parks must be reinvested with Mediterranean species adapted to the climate and favorable to biodiversity.

1000 trees will be planted throughout the project. The diversity of species will be sought to guarantee the sanitary quality of the plantations. This vegetation will be based on the water network system (coming from the Rhône canal) set up by J.Balladur for the green spaces.

The G.Pompidou and E.Tarbaly quays constitute the emblematic promenade of La Grande Motte. A port promenade transmitting the values of the city, around architecture and nature. The ceramic naturally defines the space reserved for pedestrians. The shape and colors of the cobblestones are in line with Jean Balladur’s thinking, echoing the loggias of housing and the pop universe of the 1970s.

A real driving force behind the operation, the nautical activity requires not only an expansion of its capacities but also renewed visibility. This new organization makes the shops visible and better integrates productive activity. The new scheme reorganizes a complex system into a simple, functional and secure result. The nautical cluster is a real district of La Grande Motte with the extension of the port promenade to the tip of the Môle Baumel.