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Housing in Ecuador






The curvature of the buildings offers the best views of the city in the form of a “fan”. The “folds” of the façade not only effortlessly solve the privacy between homes but also responds to the desire to integrate the bodies of the terraces without appearing as added elements.

A solution is proposed that groups all the window openings (dining room, kitchen, master bedroom) and terrace per dwelling. This solution allows the following advantages: First, arrange the openings in the façade, coinciding the divisions between departments with the blind areas. Secondly, it increases the angle of vision from the interior on the landscape, since the spaces can be communicated from their interior without dividing walls that reach the façade.

Formally structured façade from its verticality, integrating the terrace to the folding system of the façade. This solution also, and unlike other promotions, visually integrates the terrace with the dining room as an extension, offering a more spacious image. The profile of the lattice (4 x 6 cm) is studied so that from the inside it is possible to see the landscape through it but at the same time that the neighbor cannot visually access it.

The curvature in the corners allows to eliminate the edges, offers a friendly image of the building, adapted to the forms of nature and with greater visual comfort for people. Each corner creates an opportunity for splendid exterior terrace charachterized by wooden solar protection that serves as an aesthetical and functional element along the South facade. Repetition of these elements creates high degree of privacy on the balconies allowing the users to undisturbedly enjoy the views.