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FCB Stadium


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Barcelona, Spain



The FCB stadium is located in a major area of the city characterized by morphologically by successive arbitrary insertions throughout the last century, and large public and private facilities.

Therefore it is necessary that the Stadium compound assumes, in a more permeable and friendly way, a linking role on its boundaries inrelationship with the rest of the city. This will allow gaining a better centrality condition through a urban park together with the adjacent buildings of smaller scale which will help dulcifying and domesticate the large scale of the main building. It is for this reason that it becomes more necessary the creation of an urban park, more permeable and sensitive, specially in relationship to the residential urban fabric of Les Corts and Collbanc which will allow a better coexistence between Barça and the city.


The complete renovation of the stadium allows the program to reunite with the original architecture, disfigured after nearly 60 years of continuous use and transformation to adapt to the temporaneous needs of the Club from season to season.

The functional program is developed concentrically around the existing stadium in layers like an onion. The new construction is absorbing most of the program, minimizing structural alterations in the existing building. The new construction embraces the existing stadium.

The strong vertical elements of the façade provide a high level of flexibility to fit the new form of the stadium to the sloping topography of the urban site and the harmonious and undulating layout of the amoeba without losing its identity. The vertical rhythm of the voids provides an open and fluid relationship with the city, depth and transparency and creates a powerful element of solar control for spaces inside the stadium.