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Donaumarina Tower







The application of the classical architectural order is simple and effective at the same time, it is contemporary and forever modern.

The planning concept is based on two fundamental ideas, on the one hand the classical order of antiquity with base – shaft – crown superimposed with the material dissolution of the structure in the vertical following gravity, as well as the formation of a chamfer to break up the building corners in the ground plan.

This creates a skyscraper that is perceived in its appearance as two towers. To enhance this perception, the towers are designed with different heights, the lower one facing the city and the higher one facing the Danube.

The building structure consists of two central load-bearing cores with the vertical accesses and a load-bearing outer skin, which also formally constitutes the facade. The outer skin consists of load-bearing double columns, a larger inner and a smaller outer one, and the interior glass façade.

At the top of the building, the filigree structure of the double column construction of the load-bearing outer skin is continued on the ending floors with double space height and the glass facade are set back, so that the building dissolves upwards and is widely perceived as a memorable landmark.

Through the formation of the base with entrance floors and three base floors, the base with its receding facades takes up the scale of the surrounding buildings, retreats in favor of the public space, becomes part of it and thus offers a generous entrance to the building. It provides shade and rain protection at the same time, offers space for the development of a functional but at the same time elegant environment with entrance area, reception, waiting areas, shops, bicycle station, restaurant, fitness.