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Cala Tarida Houses





In the western Mediterranean, on the eastern coast of Ibiza, there rises a beautiful enclave, Sabina Estates, a perfect location for two singular villas, one near the other, that will merge with the landscape and offer a distinguished new level of quality of life in Ibiza. The plot, an almost horizontal platform constructs a geometric partition. Its slopes are minimal and reach a ridge on its west side, describing a topographical outline, a perfect viewing deck where to strategically orient the houses to views and sunlight. Both houses offer a singular sense of arrival.
The setting of volumes accommodates the immediate landscape in the buildings. Its irregular boundaries enhance the relationship with outdoor living spaces, creating different patios, cozy gardens and viewing decks. The reflective pool facing the sea, and the wooden pergolas that give refuge in the hot summer and reinforce the blur between the indoor and outdoor spaces.
Throughout the project process we have pursued, from day one, its uniqueness and contemporary design, but also its correspondence with the local context. Elements of traditional Mediterranean architecture and Ibiza Style living are introduced and merge in this singular innovative design that also gives priority to its effectiveness of program distribution, allowing for flexibility so users can accommodate various uses according to their needs.