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Hotel in Culture Village

Typology Location Year The site for the future Hotel occupies a prominent location in Culture Village, Dubai, a new multi-purpose development along the shoreline of the Dubai Creek that aims to become an attractive urban settlement where modern architecture and Islamic tradition blend to achieve a lively and unique lifestyle. The hotel has a varied […]

Office Cluster

Typology Location Year The brief consists of the development of Cluster Offices. The plot is located in an open space adyacent to the Orian Hotel with a total land area of 11,300 sqm. Through a grid of 7.5 m x 7.5 m and the strategy of full and empty spaces, four independent buildings are generated, […]

EMH Headquarters in Villeurbanne

Typology Location Year Between a natural environment, close to the metropolitan park and the Jonage canal, and its social roots linked to work and industry, Villeurbanne has drawn the Carré de la Soie, a neighborhood linked to the suburban fabric of the almond designed by the urban planner Bruno Dumetier. One of the last urban […]

Cala Tarida Houses


Typology Location Year In the western Mediterranean, on the eastern coast of Ibiza, there rises a beautiful enclave, Sabina Estates, a perfect location for two singular villas, one near the other, that will merge with the landscape and offer a distinguished new level of quality of life in Ibiza. The plot, an almost horizontal platform […]

Virrey Tower


Typology Location Year Interior is defined through layers of light and shadow, creating a depth within a material. ← Back To All Contact Us

Laubis Housing


Typology Location Year Opening the city towards the sea: Thanks to its unique geographical position, the beauty of its coastline and its excellent climate, Tangiers has become a privileged tourist destination. The Project for the Corniche complements and strengthens the development of the Port, reactivating the city’s finest location between the Medina and the sea. […]

Eiman House


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Nabatean Community

Typology Location Year A community merged with the Land-art to create the valley of the five senses. The aim is also to connect with the cultural heritage of the place while creating a unique architectural style. For this reason, it is proposed to get the best of vaulting. The modular construction and the landscape structure […]

Bubny Mall


Architecture should respond to its social context, yet, strive for timelessness.

Housing in Ecuador


When apporaching the site, first condition is the integration of the project with its surrounding.
The curvature of the buildings offers the best views of the city in the form of a “fan”. The “folds” of the façade not only effortlessly solve the privacy between homes but also responds to the desire to integrate the bodies of the terraces without appearing as added elements.

FCB Stadium


The new architecture of the stadium must contain an integrated urban idea for the city.The FCB stadium is located in a major area of the city characterized by morphologically by successive arbitrary insertions throughout the last century, and large public and private facilities.

Tangram House


Orientation as fundamental pilar of the project.
It is not hard to see that the way the urban settlement works in the area is by enhancing the characteristics of the mountain locating the luxurious single-family houses at the edges of the different ridges. It seems obvious to adopt this strategy so that houses have privileged views and sun light throughout the day.

Premium Casino


The strategic placement on this site therefore becomes an opportunity to regain prominence. This new centrality, “stretching” the influence of the Carlemany axis towards Andorra la Vella, will create a new pole of commercial attraction towards this recently less favored area.

Triple Bay Marina Yatch Club

The long waterfront, surrounding the Triple Bay Yacht Club, will be the welcoming visage for all the visitors arriving by sea. Protected from open seas, it is the perfect location for a long walking avenue and public leisure areas. The promenade, inspired by some of the best sea fronts from all around the world, will provide a new and varied experience at every turn.

Skocidjevojka Resort​


The project consists of the implementation of two residential projects on nearby plots, located on the sides of the mountain in the province of Budva.

Kaplankaya Six Senses Resort​


Situated next to the sea near the city of Bodrum, the ancient Halicarnassus, and in an enclave that is currently being urbanized called Kaplankaya, the hotel building tries not to modify the topography in any substantial way. Thus, all the rooms have sea views, while the entire auxiliary program of a hotel of this sort is located in the interstices of the arms: a health farm, meeting areas, etc.

Organic Farm & Farm Residences


Communities in constant dialogue with their surroundings. A Cluster Strategy that allows adaptability and flexibility. Blending Architectural Features into the magnificent Farm. Diversity and variety of dimensions, 3 different villas are proposed.

Almaty Botanical Garden​


In the past, Almaty was one of the cities located along the Silk Road, a commercial route that linked two different worlds: the west and the east, Asia and Europe. Nowadays, we can magine the route as a long trip across different cultures and landscapes.